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Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes is a comedian and writer best known for his 34 years on national television as a trusted and respected face of one of America's most successful Cable TV networks.

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Dan Hughes is a comedian and writer best known for his 34 years on national television as a trusted and respected face of one of America's most successful Cable TV networks. He has authored six books, two of which were published in the Fall of 2023. His favorite genres are historical fiction and thrillers. A staunch supporter of entrepreneurs and inventors he has dedicated over 30 years to supporting and mentoring those with an inventive mind and spirit to see their products brought to a national television audience. His resume includes having coached more than 5,000 individuals and seeing their products surpass ten billion dollars in retail sales.

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Stealing the Sky  

Stealing the Sky  Historical fiction and adventure. Based upon a true event few textbooks ever mention.

Stealing the Sky is a captivating account of how in June of 1961 the CIA and a team of NASA engineers attempted the audacious act of stealing a Russian satellite while on public display in Soviet controlled Prague. It was a fearful time for Americans. The Soviet Union had put Sputnik into space along with Yuri Gagarin while America’s technological attempts of honoring President Kennedy’s of putting a man on the moon within the decade had shown little success. The twelve hours unveiled in Stealing the Sky changed the American/Soviet space race forever. Most of history is only half the story those with secrets are willing to share. And it is always the winners in history who get to tell the story. This is the other half of the story.


Christmas in the Heartland

Christmas Stories, Surprises &
Christmas Miracles

Christmas in the Heartland is a heartwarming and often humorous holiday memoir from comedian and storyteller Dan Hughes. Self-professed Christmas historian, he shares with us stories of his holiday upbringing in the Midwest and how it shaped his formative and adult years while imparting little-known details about the holiday itself and its observances. Did you know the celebration of Christmas was at one time outlawed here in this country? It's true. If you have ever wondered why we put up evergreen trees in our living rooms during December or where Santa Claus really comes from then read on.
If you are looking for a feel-good book to bring in the holiday spirit, then Christmas in the Heartland was written for you.

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Lost Causes

Legal Thriller & Suspense

Most people think crime is what happens when bad things happen to good people. What happens when a good man loses everything and decides to turn the tables on those who are to blame.

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Anger Issues

Fiction. Murder and psychological thriller.

Dr. Jamin Moore, a preeminent Philadelphia psychiatrist had become a well-known expert in the treatment of narcissistic personality disorder. Groundbreaking research had made him wealthy but when meeting his most challenging patient to date he began to question his own sanity. Sometimes groundbreaking is not enough; sometimes you need to dig a hole.

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The Spear

A Novel:  Historical Fiction & Intrique 

Francis was born with an exceptional mind. Admitted to the University of Berlin at the age of fourteen, it was the help and support of a college professor who fully understood the challenges of attending University at such a young age which molded his formative years.

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Motivational and educational memoir directed towards inventors wanting to get their product on national TV. Business. Self-help. Inspirational.

Dan Hughes shares his thirty plus years of experience as a host on America’s largest televised shopping channel QVC with insights on how to develop an idea and bring it to a national marketplace. In doing so the author also shares his own story of what it took for him to achieve success and happiness against the odds.

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