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I have had the honor of working with the world’s leading brands on sales strategy, product differentiation, unique selling proposition and how to convey break-through, stand-out messaging for decades on TV.
I don’t consider myself a sales person but I’ve been one in people’s living rooms for over 30 years; sharing educational information in an entertaining and informative way to help the end-user and customers sort out the what, why, and how for thousands of consumer products in nearly every category.

I can share sales strategy and tactics that work in all industries and business sectors in a no-pressure manner that will help get higher close rates and convert to stronger sales success while keeping them coming back for more.

By focusing on the “what’s important, why should I care, and what will it do for me” on hundreds of brands and product categories and presenting relevency; so they can make their own determination of how this item will fit in their life?

Whether you’re trying to motivate a few hundred direct sales consultants in a stadium or a dozen Fortune 500 executives in a boardroom, I can inspire your audience to see their approach with clarity and relevance that helps drive sales!

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Other Services:

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Motivational Speaker 

Product Sourcing/Development

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